Sweet or Dry Prosecco. What’s the difference?

Prosecco is produced in many different ways – you can choose from Brut, dry, extra dry and demi-sec. But what’s the difference?

Sugar is the key - The sugar in the Prosecco is what determines where on the scale from sweet to dry the particular bottle falls, and this all comes down to the length of the fermentation process. Lost yet? Let us break it down…

The yeast present in the fermentation process encourages the natural sugars in the grapes to convert into alcohol, this process typically takes between 15 and 20 days.

Prosecco Brut is lower in sugar, containing as little as 12 grams per litre, meaning it’s the driest option you can get. If you like a little sweetness, we’d recommend Prosecco Extra Dry, which has between 12 and 17 grams of sugar per litre, creating a smoother taste on the palette.

Prosecco Dry is sweeter still, with residual sugar levels which vary from 17 to 32 grams per litre, while Prosecco Demi-sec is the sweetest version you can choose, containing 32 to 50 gram per litre.

Here at Prosecco House we stock a wide range of Prosecco’s, all sourced from the home of the drink in Italy. Have a chat with our team to find out which drinks we recommend depending on whether you have a sweet tooth, or prefer something a little more subtle. We’re always here to help.