Prosecco tasting November  /  November 18 2019

Prosecco House, London’s first bar dedicated to Prosecco, is launching its monthly tasting evenings at their venue in One Tower Bridge.

They will be showcasing Six 50ml tastings of the Prosecco from different vineyard with each event starting at 6.45pm.

The idea behind the event is to introduce the authentic prosecco-drinking experience.

They will introduce the history and process of making prosecco in the DOCG area (only producers within this ‘controlled and guaranteed origin denomination’ area are available in the bar), and they will give detail into what defines the different varieties and good Prosecco.

Guests will enjoy Six 50ml tastings of the Prosecco from different vineyards represented at Prosecco House. Further, guests can also enjoy complimentary mixed platters with their glass.